Baby Joseph Finally Given Second Chance at Life

March 2011

Lent is a season of mercy and the Lord is indeed merciful. 

I am pleased to offer this latest update on Baby Joseph.  Baby Joseph is now at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center in St. Louis, Missouri.  Due to the prayers, donotions, and hard work of many people and agencies, including Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life who flew with Baby Joseph in an air flight ambulance to the U.S., Joseph is now receiving medical treatment with the dignity that he deserves.  For more information, updates, and to continue donating for his care and treatment, see his FaceBook page and


Update: the hospital in Michigan has not accepted to care for Baby Joseph. But he is still alive and NOT euthanized. Please continue to pray for this family and offer financial contributions where possible to the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition which is helping with legal and other fees.

Prayer works. Collective action also works. This past weekend I wrote about an Ontario, Canada baby who was scheduled to be removed from life support by the hospital. They would not perform a tracheotomy so that Baby Joseph could breath on his own and go home to live and die on God’s time in the loving care of his family.

Thousands of people have been praying for this little boy and his family. Thousands have taken action by writing, calling, contributing, and publicizing about baby Joseph’s case. At 10 AM this morning the hospital was set to euthanize baby Joseph. Instead, it looks like he will be able to be med flighted to Children’s Hospital in Michigan.

I say, praise the Lord!

Let’s continue to pray for and support this family. Please see my previous blog post to join the Save Baby Joseph page on Facebook and to make a contribution to cover their fees if you are able.


About nalidabesson

I am a wife and mother of three children. My husband is blind from congenital cataracts. He is a talented musician. (Hear selections from his instrumental Gospel album at ). My children had a 50/50 chance of inheriting it and all three did. Besides being legally blind, my kids have additional disabilities including autism spectrum disorders, seizure condition, learning disorder, and developmental delays. They are wonderful, happy children and I thank the Lord for allowing me to be their mother. All people deserve the right to life. Children (unborn and born) around the world with disabilities are targeted for abortion and euthanasia because of their disabilities. We should protect their lives because all lives are precious in God's eye. And even if someone does not believe in God, scientifically, every person from conception is a person. I am a teacher of students who are blind and visually impaired, some with other disabilities. I also have a background in law and public adminstration, having graduated from law school and management school before pursuing a career in special education. I believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for ALL--unborn and born, with disabilities and without.
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