Children with Albinism are hunted down and killed–An Outrage!

I remember when I first heard about children (and adults) who have albinism being hunted down, maimed and killed, I was saddened and outraged.  People with albinism have very reduced pigmentation in their skins and eyes.  They also are visually impaired, some of them being legally blind, due to the lack of pigmentation.  I am a teacher of students with visual impairments (as well as a mother of blind children–not from albinism) and I am familiar with albinism.  I was watching a documentary about how there is a superstition in Tanzania that possessing powder from the bones of people with albinism will bring good luck.  Polititians and business people will pay a great deal of money to get that powder from witch “doctors.”

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The people amputating the arms and legs of their victims with machetes do not care if the victims are babies or young children.  They subject their victims to all manner of torture and chop off their limbs, often leaving the children to bleed to death.  The children hide inside their homes and families try to keep them out of sight.  But the supersitious murderers often find them.

I would like to see the United Nations as well as individual countries and people speak out against this atrocity.  In a civilized society and world, this genocide cannot continue.  This genocide and maiming is happening in Tanzania as well as other East African nations.

When I posted an article about this on Facebook, one of my friends responded that this country needs Jesus.  I agree, for if they knew Him, they would recognize that those with albinism are their brothers and sisters and should not be hacked to death, with limbs being sold for tens of thousands of dollars.

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I am a wife and mother of three children. My husband is blind from congenital cataracts. He is a talented musician. (Hear selections from his instrumental Gospel album at ). My children had a 50/50 chance of inheriting it and all three did. Besides being legally blind, my kids have additional disabilities including autism spectrum disorders, seizure condition, learning disorder, and developmental delays. They are wonderful, happy children and I thank the Lord for allowing me to be their mother. All people deserve the right to life. Children (unborn and born) around the world with disabilities are targeted for abortion and euthanasia because of their disabilities. We should protect their lives because all lives are precious in God's eye. And even if someone does not believe in God, scientifically, every person from conception is a person. I am a teacher of students who are blind and visually impaired, some with other disabilities. I also have a background in law and public adminstration, having graduated from law school and management school before pursuing a career in special education. I believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for ALL--unborn and born, with disabilities and without.
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